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Google Enhances Filtering of Reviews in Android Market

Google has introduced new changes to the online Android Market, allowing users to get a clear idea of what other Android device users thought about a particular application.

According to c|net, users browsing for applications on the online Android Market, by clicking on the ‘User Reviews' tab for any application, will be able to filter reviews on the basis of the ratings the app received or the application version.

Users will also be able to filter the reviews on the basis of the Android device that they have registered with their Android Market account, so that they can gauge how their app is performing on similar devices.

Android Market was initially only available as an Android app to users but, the company released a web version of the platform back in February. The Android Market has been criticised for being less user friendly than the Apple App Store in the past, prompting Google to make the online as well mobile experience on Android Market much easier for users.

The new additions come as Google was forced to remove several malicious apps from Android Market, which, by masquerading as popular apps, were remotely sending text messages to premium number without the knowledge of the users.