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Google Uses Native Client to Bring Games and Apps to Chrome

Google has demoed a new technology for Chrome, which would bring high-end games and apps to the web browser.

The company unveiled Native Client, giving select developers the chance to experiment with the platform, which allows developers to easily deploy cross-OS apps on the web browser by running x86 code on Chrome.

Now, Google has unveiled these advances to bring games and apps to the web browser.

Google said in a blog post that Square Enix, Unity Technologies, and Bungie were some of the earliest adopters of the Native Client technology.

Native Client based offerings were demoed during an event at Google's San Francisco offices.

The company unveiled Supergiant Games' highly popular game Bastion, running on Chrome. The game was previously only available on Xbox 360, but can now be played by Mac and Windows users from Chrome web browsers.

"The community is actively involved in Native Client, porting some of the most popular application middleware. Ports include Unity and Moai game engines, programming language environments Mono and Lua, audio middleware such as fmod and Wwise, as well as the Bullet physics engine," Google said.

"These Native Client ports make the web more accessible to hundreds of thousands of application developers," it added.