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Huawei Honor mobile phone caught on video running Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0

Mobile phone news site intomobile has now deployed the latest Google mobile operating system onto the Huawei Honor handset along with publishing video evidence too - making the Honor only the second handset to officially run AndroidIce Cream Sandwich' 4.0.

Huawei released a ROM yesterday of the very latest Google mobile platform, which we reported on here and this also came with instructions on how to revert back to Android ‘Gingerbread' 2.3.

Intomobile notes that the build that had been used is an early beta, as it is quite buggy and best suited for hardcore tinkerers and those who just want to see what Android 4.0 is about.

The site goes on to mention that installation is simple, as you merely download the update file from Huawei, drop it onto your device and then use the "update from SD" slot option in the settings and you'll have Ice Cream Sandwich in a few minutes.

Honor's software does randomly reboot, crashes and has problems connecting to WIFI - where Huawei has included an easy roll back to Android Gingerbread.

There are multiple improvements over the Google mobile OS 2.3, in nearly every aspect and the user interface paradigm is more cohesive, the fonts have changed and it has become quite friendly for first-time users, adds the website.