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Intel Confirms USB 3.0 Support in Series 7, C216 Chipset Families for Ivy Bridge

Intel has confirmed receipt of SuperSpeed USB certification for its upcoming 2012 client and server platforms from the USB Implementers Forum.

The certification, valid for Intel's upcoming Series 7 'Panther Point' chipset family for client PCs and the Intel C216 chipset family for servers, are designed to provide compatibility for Ivy Bridge, the upcoming processors designed as replacements to the current-generation Sandy Bridge products.

According to Intel's application, both chipset families will include support for up to four USB 3.0 'SuperSpeed' ports as standard, with manufacturers hoping to put more USB 3.0 ports on their systems forced to look at adding a third-party USB controller to their design.

"This is a tremendous milestone for the industry," crowed Jeff Ravencraft, USB Implementers Forum chief operating officer and president. "With USB-IF certification of Intel's integrated USB host silicon, host manufacturers will be able to bring SuperSpeed USB to the masses. Intel's commitment to SuperSpeed USB will continue to provide peripheral device manufacturers a compelling incentive to develop a growing number of diverse SuperSpeed USB products." monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.