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iPhone 4S Rival Alert : Samsung Galaxy Note Drops To £422

Fancy the new Samsung N7000 Galaxy Note but dont want to spend a fortune on it? Then there's a deal from AffordableMobile (on O2) that will allow you to undercut its SIM Free, unlocked price significantly.

The phone is locked to O2 but works on Tesco Mobile and Giff Gaff. There is an upfront cost of £160 and the contract will last for two years with 250 texts, 50 minutes, free Wi-Fi and 1GB data per month.

The trick involves removing the Wi-Fi and data allowance in the first month, saving £10 per month, either online through your dashbard or calling O2 (although you will have to pay for the first month it seems).

This brings down the cost of ownership to £422. Not only do you get a few free minutes and texts, you also get the equivalent of an interest free loan for two years.

The N7000 has the biggest screen found on any smartphone on the market - a 5.3-inch model - and has a 1280x800 pixel resolution, higher than the other HD ready smartphone (like the Galaxy Nexus) and is on par with tablets.

It comes with 16GB onboard storage, 1GB RAM, a dual core chipset, an eight megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a whopping 810 minutes talk time on 3G and more than a day on 2G thanks to the biggest battery on any smartphone.

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