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Late News: OneNote for iPad, Nvidia Kepler Graphics Card, iTunes 10.5.2, Steve Jobs Bronze Statue

Microsoft has released an iPad version of its OneNote productivity app accompanied by enhancements for the existing iPhone version of the app. "We're happy to announce that today's new release of OneNote for iOS devices includes a version that's tailored for the iPad", stated the official OneNote blog.

Nvidia is on track to release its line up of next-generation graphics cards - known as Kepler and these will be the company's first 28nm parts. While "on track" does mean that the graphics processing units (GPU) won't be showing up until sometime into Q2 2012 - therefore falling well behind AMD's 7000 series release in January - Nvidia is still excited about the roadmap.

Apple has dished out version 10.5.2 of its iTunes platform, which comes with several key improvements for iTunes Match along with some bug fixes. The company failed to specify exactly what improvements does the update bring for the iTunes Match service, but did mention that iTunes 10.5.2 comes with fixes for an audio distortion problem experienced while playing CDs using iTunes.

Budapest based software maker Graphisoft is going to erect a Bronze statue of the late Apple co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs. Jobs, known for his fascination with glass and aluminium, will be immortalised with a bronze statue by the company which has long been an Apple partner and was supported by Steve Jobs in its early years.

Financial news service Bloomberg has reported that the Google plans to use Motorola's patents to move into the hardware business by merging together has been temporarily suspended, by EU regulators. Bloomberg has it that the European Union regulators have halted their antitrust review of Google buying Motorola Mobility, after requesting more information about the deal.