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Microsoft to Allow Open Source Apps in Windows 8 App Store?

Microsoft will allow developers to publish open source applications in its Windows 8 App Store, it has been revealed.

Tech blog The H discovered that the Windows Store App Developer Agreement has a provision which will allow the developers to publish apps licensed under the Open Source Initiative.

According the developer agreement, an app licensed under the Open Source Initiate will be able to trump the Microsoft's Standard Applications License Terms if the open source license requires it to do so.

This clause will allow developers to offer open source apps on Windows 8 App Store, which is expected to launch sometime in February along with the first public beta version of Windows 8 operating system.

Microsoft is touting Windows App Store as the go-to place for Windows 8 apps, both metro-style and non-metro style. Metro-style apps are designed to work with the Metro user interface, which will feature on the tablet version of Windows 8.

Metro UI, which debuted with the Windows Phone 7 platform, will also make an appearance on the Xbox 360, allowing Microsoft to offer a unified experience to Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Xbox 360 users.