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Microsoft Fulfils Open Source Promise, Offers Hadoop Preview on Azure

Microsoft, staying faithful to its earlier promise, announced an upgrade for Azure, which also includes the availability of Apache Hadoop. The version is a limited preview of Hadoop which is an "open-source data analysis platform" and mostly it is utilised for "big data style analysis".

Microsoft, in the month of October, stated that they will be offering Hadoop on Azure and Hortonworks, a spinoff company of Yahoo, which offers Hadoop distribution, will help them in doing so.

In the same month, the operating system giant also disclosed their big data roadmap and this new move is very crucial from that point of view, reported IT News.

Microsoft has promised that the new offering can be accessed by those customers who sign up for the preview in the current week. On the basis of usage scenario the preview will be available, however, no eligibility criteria have been declared by the company.

Earlier, the users of Azure had to deploy Hadoop clusters manually, which sometimes took days, but, with the new capacity, hopefully, the process will be reduced from days to hours. The company also has plans of integrating Hadoop distribution into SQL server 2012 next year.