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Microsoft SkyDrive API Now Available for Third Party Windows Phone Apps

Microsoft has given Windows Phone developers access to the full SkyDrive API, allowing them to use its cloud based storage service in their applications.

The company said in a blog post that it had updated the Live Connect APIs and Live SDK with integration with SkyDrive service, which offers free online storage for Windows Live users.

Microsoft said that Windows 8 and Windows Phone developers will be able to make use of users' SkyDrive account by granting their applications access to the documents, photos, music and videos stored in their SkyDrive accounts.

"With the integration into Windows Phone and Windows 8, SkyDrive is a key part of your "device cloud," letting you work and play easily across your PC and phone. SkyDrive also works with apps like Microsoft Office and OneNote so you can organize, collaborate and share from anywhere," the company wrote on the blog.

"We believe that the most value for our customers comes when more people and more apps can connect to the cloud from most available devices," it added.

The first application that uses the SkyDrive API has been launched. The Handyscan app for the Windows Phone 7 platform, allows users to scan document using the device's camera and store it either locally or upload it to SkyDrive from within the app.