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Motorola merger with Google halted by the EU

Financial news service Bloomberg has reported that the Google plans to use Motorola's patents to move into the hardware business by merging together has been temporarily suspended, by EU regulators.

Bloomberg has it that the European Union regulators have halted their antitrust review of Google buying Motorola Mobility, after requesting more information about the deal.

Google announced in August this year the plans to purchase Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, which came only seven months after the mobile arm of Motorola was spun off from the Motorola parent company to form Motorola Mobility

The news site has also noted that the antitrust authority will continue the review after it has obtained ‘certain documents that are essential to its evaluation of the transaction', said Amelia Torres, a spokeswoman for the Brussels-based European Commission.

Whilst going on to state that the regulatory review mean the purchase by Google is likely to close in 2012. Google plans to use Motorola Mobility's more than 17,000 patents to protect supporters of its Android software in licensing and legal disputes with rivals such as Apple, whilst also moving into the hardware business.

A spokesman for Google in Brussels has said that the EU's request for more information is ‘routine', whilst also adding ‘[it is] confident the commission will conclude that this acquisition is good for competition and we'll be working closely and cooperatively with them as they continue their review'.

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