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Nvidia Kepler 28nm Graphics "On Track"

Nvidia is on track to release its line up of next-generation graphics cards - known as Kepler and these will be the company's first 28nm parts.

While "on track" does mean that the graphics processing units (GPU) won't be showing up until sometime into Q2 2012 - therefore falling well behind AMD's 7000 series release in January - Nvidia is still excited about the roadmap.

Fudzilla has been speaking with Nvidia's Senior Product PR Manager, Igor Stanek, who's been touting his company's future plans. "We are on track with our Kepler roadmap," he said. "We have 28nm silicon in house now. Our transition to 28nm is going better than 40nm, and yields are better than our original plan."

While there have been some early pictures of AMD's next-gen hardware, little has been seen of Nvidia's Kepler GPUs as of yet. It's thought that CES 2012 will be the first look we get, though of course by then AMD's 7000 series Tahiti cards will be hitting retail.

Regardless of the release date though, the new Nvidia cards are expected to get a nice performance boost as well as a reduction in power draw and heat output due to the die shrink.

According to the Nvidia roadmap, the first generation of Kepler GPUs is known as GK107 which will feature a 128bit memory interface. This follows on with the GK106 which has a larger 256bit memory interface as well as supporting the third generation of PCIe socket. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.