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Samsung Unveils Series 5 Ultra Pseudo-Ultrabook With Optical Drive

Samsung has announced a pair of laptops that look to stretch the definition of the term 'ultrabook', with one of them even bringing in an optical disk drive.

According to TheVerge, the ODD version comes with a 14-inch display and measures 21mm thick, while the smaller version, a 13.3-inch model, is a mere 15mm thick.

Both of them come with an aluminium chassis, HDMI and Ethernet ports, at least two USB ports, a VGA one, a matte screen, up to 1TB hard disk drive (for the 14-inch model) or 500GB (for the smaller model), plus the bigger version comes with a Radeon HD 7550M GPU.

The Series 5 Ultra will be launched towards the end of December for $1300 for the smaller model and $1345 for the 14-inch version. We suspect that both will be present (or at least formally rolled out) at CES 2012 in Las Vegas next year with launch schedules for other territories (as well as pricing) to be divulged.

Does it make sense to have a fixed optical drive at the expense of greater expansivity or battery capacity? We're not so sure.

External optical drives can be had for around £20, and we believe that disc usage is rapidly decreasing thanks to better broadband access and larger hard disk drives.

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