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Study Puts Amazon S3 at Top Spot, Microsoft Azure Second

Amazon S3 has been declared the best cloud storage platform by an independent study, which puts Microsoft Windows Azure on the second spot.

Enterprise storage company Nasuni conducted a 26-month long stress test on 16 major cloud computing service providers, out of which only 6 were able to meet the minimum level of performance set by the company.

According to Nasuni, the 6 service providers to pass the tests were Amazon S3, AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service, Microsoft Windows Azure, Nirvanix, Peer1 Hosting and Rackspace Cloud.

Amazon S3 and Microsoft Windows Azure received top marks in the tests with Amazon's offering leading the way.

The cloud computing services went under 26 months of stress tests on the basis of API Integration, Scalability, Stability and Performance, Nasuni said.

Nasuni informed that Amazon S3 had the least number of outages and the best uptime among cloud service providers. Amazon S3 also had a 0.0 error rate in reading and writing objects, it was informed.

"Without proper testing, it is impossible to differentiate between an industrial-strength CSP and a lesser operation. In fact, some providers have asked Nasuni to cease testing at this stage because they said it was negatively impacting their customers, which is a truly frightening statement," the company said in a statement, as reported by ARS Technica.