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Thieves Steal 125 iPads from Best Buy, No Android Tablets Missing

A break-in at a Best Buy store in San Carlos has revealed that Apple's iPad is the tablet of choice for thieves.

According to police, on Thursday night at around midnight the criminals stole 125 iPads (all Viewsonic ViewPads were accounted for!)

The thieves managed to open the store's front doors and lift a security roll-up door just enough to slide under it and return with a steel rack containing 125 tablets, Cnet reports.

It only took the two men a very short amount of time to get inside, find the iPads and flee, which has lead many to suspect this was an inside job. The criminals, who haven't been caught yet, also knew how to protect their faces from the cameras.

According to the store's management the goods stolen and damage comes to around $100,000. On Best Buy's website an iPad sells for between $500 - $830.

This is not the first theft from a Best Buy store targeting Apple's sought-after tablets; two months ago, a store in Brooklyn was hit in a similar manner.

As popular as Apple's gadgets, and indeed electronic devices in general, may be, a study published by AdWeek shows that Fillet Mignon (or luxury meats) tops the list of most stolen items by shoplifters, with iPhones and iPads and the like, in fourth place (after alcohol and DIY tools).

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