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UK May Not See 4G Network Coverage Until 2015

According to Ofcom's annual plan for 2012 and 2013, the UK will not be able to enjoy "wide availability" of 4G network coverage until the year 2015, accordingto ZDNet.

This is despite the fact that some major networks are all set to offer better service by 2013 and 2014, consumers will have to wait for another extra year to experience super fast speed.

UK's 4G network coverage seems to be facing lots of ups and downs including initial disagreements between major networks and then delays to conduct auctions for the necessary spectrum.

For the record, O2 as well as Everything Everywhere have already begun the 4G LTE data connections trials. UK's 4G spectrum will have two bands, the 800 MHz frequency and the 2.6GHz frequency.

The auction, to be conducted by Ofcom, was set for early 2012 but had to be postponed until the 2nd quarter of 2012 - now Ofcom is hoping to hold the auction before June 2012.

Judging by the pace at which things are moving, it seems the UK will be one of the last countries in Europe to get 4G network connectivity. The 4G network coverage is expected to provide Internet access to remote locations where installing wired networks is either not possible or too expensive.