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UK Researchers Create Quantum Photonic Chip

A multi-purpose photonic chip produced by scientists will be clear the way for programmable quantum processors.

A team of scientists from Britain, for the first time in history, has proved that complete generation manipulation and measurement of quantum entanglement on a small silica chip is possible. The team used the chip to determine the measurement of mixture which is very often an undesirable effect produced from the environment.

According to the research team, however, the effect can be now controlled and utilised for characterising quantum circuits. This is very promising news that scientists can use.

Director of the Centre for Quantum Photonics, professor Jeremy O'Brien, commented, "In order to build a quantum computer, we not only need to be able to control complex phenomena such as entanglement and mixture, but we need to be able to do this on a chip, so that we can scalably and practically duplicate many such miniature circuits," reports TG Daily.

The latest chip is just 70 mm by 3 mm and made of a "network of tiny channels" that manipulate, guide and also interact with single photons.