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£259.99 DGM LTV-4092WH 40-inch FULL HD 1080P LCD TV with USB PVR

Christmas could be the best time if you are thinking of moving to a HD ready TV and DGM LTV-4092WH Full HD LCD TV could be the one if you are looking for something that won't go harsh on your pocket or overall budget.

The 40-inch LCD from DGM comes with not only the standard features that all LCDs provide, but is equipped with some special features that would otherwise make the LCD dearer. The best of them all is the PVR option that would allow you to watch your favourite videos, images and movies and play your favourite songs right from a USB pen drive or a hard drive.

The DGM LTV-4092WH with 1920X1080 full HD output along with 5000:1 contrast ratio, 16.7 million colours and a fast response time of just 6ms would deliver a great viewing platform. With video inputs such as VGA, TV, DTV, SCART, CVBS, HDMI and USB you wouldn't have any room to complain in terms of connectivity as you would be able to connect all latest gadgets ranging from desktop to a Blu-ray player.

Two 12W stereo speakers would output audio that would complement the video output and suffice your entertainment needs.

The DGM LTV-4092WH 40-inch FULL HD 1080P LCD TV with USB PVR is available from eBay for £259.99.