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£674 Panasonic TXP50ST30B 50" Full 1080p HD 3D Ready Plasma TV

5 years back it was the LCDs that were ruling the world of TV entertainment and now it is the day and age of HD Plasmas with 3D and internet content streaming capabilities. One such TV is the Panasonic TXP50ST30B Full HD 3D ready Plasma TV capable of delivering Superb Picture Quality for 2D and 3D video.

Panasonic's 3D technology is backed by fast switching phosphors used in the Neo Plasma panels and an original light-emitting process minimise crosstalk (double images) to deliver clear 3D images and ensure comfortable viewing.

The 50-inch screen is just massive and provides seemingly life-like picture for your favourite movies, TV shows, games giving you the feeling that you are right there as one of the characters playing a role.

The ultra-high contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 combined with the 600Hz sub-field drive brings out the smoothest picture with vivid colour reproduction. Panasonic has also put in Freeview HD allowing you to get started right away without having to worry about digital satellite or cable connections.

Smart TV capabilities would let you enjoy online streaming content from various sources like YouTube, BBC iPlayer as well as would let you access Facebook, Twitter, and a lot more.

A pedestal stand is also included with the TXP50ST30B and the TV is wall mountable as well. is offering the Panasonic TXP50ST30B 50" Full 1080p HD 3D Ready Plasma TV for £674.