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AMNews: Macbook Dominating Ultrabook Segment, Flash Player 11.1 for Android, Microsoft Socl, Refurbished iPad2

A new report by J. P. Morgan states that despite the debut of a number of ultra-thin notebooks, Apple's MacBook will still "remain the dominant player" in the market. On Monday, in a note to investors, Mark Moskowitz, an analyt at J. P. Morgan said that Apple's MacBook Air, which is a super thin and super light laptop, is a hit among customers. This momentum "is sustainable and likely has upside potential," as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Adobe has introduced Flash Player 11.1 and AIR 3.1 for desktop and Android devices. In a release note, the company stated the updates contained little in terms of new functionality, but come with bug fixes related to security and functional stability.

The file sharing platform, Megaupload stated that it will file a lawsuit against Universal Music Group for sending a take-down notice after an endorsement music video featuring many big names in the music industry was removed from YouTube.

Microsoft's ‘secret' social networking platform has moved to a new web address, indicating that it might be soon open for private beta testing. Socl was accidentally discovered back in November, giving rise to speculations that the company was preparing a platform to rival Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

With the holiday season upon us, and perhaps under pressure from new, cheaper rivals, Apple has slashed the prices of its refurbished iPad 2 units. Apple's new consumer-friendly price tags, came into effect quietly on Friday. The prices for the refurbished models of the iPad 2 decreased by up to $50 making them now $80 to $100 cheaper than the respective new models.