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Apple Better Than Intel at Making Mobile Chips Says Analyst

Apple is better at making mobile chips than the world's largest chip maker Intel, a chip analyst claims.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on CNET, Gus Richard, a chip analyst at Piper Jaffery, says that chips in tablets and smartphones were about stacking up circuit ‘blocks' and getting the software to work with chips rather than adhering to Moore's Law, something that Apple is better at than Intel.

Apple creates is own A5 processors to power iPad and iPhone devices, which have taken the tablet and smartphone market by storm. The company uses ‘system-on-a-chip' design for its A5 processor.

"There is nothing leading edge about Apple's A5 processor. However, the performance of an iPad is perceived by users as better than a PC. This is because the product has a longer battery life, instant on, and a fast Internet connection," said Richard in a research note.

"The A5 processor is not faster than an Intel processor but instead has a large number of IP blocks that execute different functions with lower power and typically more quickly than a general purpose CPU (Intel)," he added.

Intel is trying to compete more fiercely in the smartphone and tablet market by introducing its own mobile chips.