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Apple Hires Jan-Michael Cart as Intern, Notifications Center May See Improvements

Apple Inc. recently hired Jan-Michael Cart as an intern for a period of seven months. Cart is the guy known for developing demos of a certain proposed Notification Centre tweaks in iOS.

Before Cart, two more people were hired and are known to be working on notifications, which gives an indication that Apple is serious about its notification system and is looking to enhance its functionality.

According to Cart's website, at present he is a junior who is majoring at Mass Media Arts in Georgia University and specialises in video as well as graphics design. His recent works includes experimenting with the Xcode and iOS development, reported ARS Technica.

Cart, to display his ideas, started creating videos for the improvement of the Apple's Notification Center features. His ideas include a persistent status bar badge, collapsible notifications along with user-customisable widgets for fast access to certain app features.

Apple saw these ideas and folks up at the iPhone maker were pretty impressed following which Cart has got an opportunity to spend seven months as an UI/UX Design intern at Apple's headquarter in Cupertino.