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Apple iOS 5.1 Beta 2 Targets iPhone Battery Issues, Adds Photo Stream Functionality

On Monday Apple released the second beta of iOS 5.1 to developers, which brings a few new features and will hopefully end the iPhone battery issues once and for all.

The first update, iOS 5.0.1, was somewhat rushed out, targeting in particular the fast battery drainage users were experiencing; though for many it caused more problems than it solved.

Apple even came out with a rare statement, saying that while the update “addressed many of the battery issues that some customers experienced,” they are investigating “a few remaining issues.”

So with iOS 5.1 the company is taking its time, making sure everything will go just right; the first beta was released at the end of November.

One of the major features revealed by developers so far of this iOS 5.1 beta, is that pictures can be deleted from Photostream, the iCloud photo syncing service, which will then be deleted across all your iOS devices.

Up till now, users have had to wait 30 days before deleting any uploaded images, unless they were willing to turn off the service and start all over again.

However, the new improvement will not be available for pre-iOS 5.1 photos, which have to be deleted manually from each device.

After every iOS release there is a fascination with looking into the code to find references to any future iDevices, and in the last version entries hinting towards the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 were discovered.

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