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Apple Releases Firmware Update to Fix Noisy Fan Issues in Thunderbolt Displays

Apple has issued a firmware update for the professional grade Thunderbolt display. The update will be addressing the power handling issue that caused loud fan noise from within the display. Besides, the update will also provide further stability to the Thunderbolt display.

The update version 1.1 was launched yesterday and it is 942 KB in size. A Utilities sub-folder inside the Application folder will have the installed updater app and from here it will automatically roll out as soon as the user closes the installer.

The moment the app is run onscreen, instructions will appear to assist the user on how the update can be applied.

"This update addresses a fan noise issue affecting a small number of Apple Thunderbolt Displays and improves stability," stated the official Apple Support website.

The update is aimed at the OS X 10.6.8 or the OS X 10.7.2 and later versions of Thunderbolt. Meanwhile fanboys from all around the globe are hoping that the update will successfully deal with the annoying noise that the system makes.

To ensure that the firmware updates are installed properly, the user must make sure that the system along with the display is plugged-in to a reliable power source and while the installation is in progress no disturbance occurs in the system.