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Badoo Boasts of 130 Million+ Users Worldwide, 1M Users in UK

Badoo, a different type of social networking site, now boasts of having one million members only in the UK and above 132 million users worldwide. Often termed as "Facebook for sex", it has become world's fourth largest social networking site.

Even though the makers of the site describe Badoo as "the World's largest social network for meeting new people", people use it mostly as a tool to discover "potential sexual partners".

Recently, a poll was conducted among 85,000 users in the UK and 30 per cent of such users disclosed that "they met someone for sex" via Badoo, reported the Daily Mail.

The promotional tag line of the website states, "Boost your social life. Chat, flirt, meet up and have fun!"

Badoo happens to be one of the most visited websites in the world with almost 125,000 new users every day and around 51 million people accessing it every month. It is operating in 180 countries and supports 30 different languages.

The social networking site has basic free services that it offers; however, the users are free to pay to get access to more premium features.

Owned by one certain Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev, Badoo is based in London and according to speculations, it generates almost $100 million in revenue every year.