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British Gas Trials Smartphone App That Turns Off Appliances Remotely

UK utilities giant British Gas is working on a new mobile app which will allow people to remotely control the heating in their homes.

According to Pocket-lint, the company has been working on several technologies which could allow people to save both energy and money.

The mobile app that the company is working on will not only allow users to control the heating in their homes but also allow them to remotely turn off the equipment they might have forgotten to switch off.

British Gas said that if the trials of the mobile app go well, a public launch of the app for its customers might happen sometime in 2012.

"We've all had that sinking feeling when we think we've left the boiler on as we disappear on holiday. Our new technology will mean people will be able to switch off their appliances when they are away from home and thanks to new smart meters will also be able to control their energy use when in the home as well," said Jacqueline Epifanie, Head of British Gas Smart Homes reports Hippy Shopper.

British Gas made the revelations as a part of a survey, which was carried out by YouGov at its behest. The survey revealed that 80 per cent of the people had gone back to their homes to check whether they had left something on.