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Carrier IQ Defends Itself, Releases 19-page Report

In an attempt to put to rest the controversy surrounding its mobile tracker technology, Carrier IQ has published a 19-page report detailing exactly what its software does and how it is used by mobile phone carriers.

In the document [PDF], Carrier IQ admits that its software, called IQ Agent is installed on more than 150 million mobile phones worldwide. The company claimed that it is merely a diagnostic tool used by mobile phone carriers to provide better services to their customers.

Carrier IQ said that it worked alongside security researcher Trevor Eckhart to zero-in on the issues cited on his report. Eckhart had released an explosive report late last month in which he claimed that Carrier IQ's software was in fact a key logger among many other things.

Carrier IQ said that mobile phone carriers use the software to find out how their network and the devices on their network are performing. The data used by mobile phone carriers includes "when and where calls fail; where customers have problems accessing the network; the reliability and battery performance of their make and model of device; and the interaction of the mobile network with your mobile device - known as network signalling traffic".

Carrier IQ and its partners have drawn a lot of criticism from consumer rights groups and customers, becoming a magnet for class action lawsuits.