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China Unicom gives up on 3G iPad 2

After more than a year of speculation about rolling out Apple's most wanted tablet with 3G capabilities in the company's second largest market, China Unicom has recently abandoned this plan.

SinoCast Daily Business Beat reported the news yesterday (via Ubergizmo). Li Gang, deputy general manager of China Unicom had previously said he thought the iPad was an appropriate choice to sell through its standard IT sales network, unlike the iPhone.

However, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has not yet approved the license for the 3G iPad to access the networks in the country, and China Unicom seems to have had enough waiting around for a permit.

The plans for introducing a 3G iPad 2 in China are not completely dropped, but just delayed. The leading telecoms carrier in China announced that the company will focus its efforts on delivering improvements to its 3G data surfing service.

Even though China Unicom hasn't yet closed the deal for the 3G iPad 2, there is at least some reason for Chinese Apple fans to be cheerful; the same ministry approved the network license for the iPhone 4S, which means it will be available in a few weeks time as planned.

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