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Chrome 16 Stable Available for Download, Brings In Multiple Account Sync & Security Fixes

Google Inc. has recently launched version 16 of the Chrome web browser that will enable multiple user accounts. This means now the users can sign-in using different accounts and each of them will have their own add-ons, history, bookmarks along with web apps.

The main advantage of this new version is that now multiple people can use the browser at the same time while keeping the personal preferences separate from one another on a single computer, which could useful in home computer systems.

Version 16.0.912.63 works on Mac, Windows, Chrome and Linux. The updated version has an option to sync users' Omnibox History. The new version also incorporates quite a few security fixes.

This latest version of Chrome is not yet capable to protect the personal data as one user can very simply access another person's account by switching tabs, reported Tech Radar.

"Keep in mind that adding new users to Chrome isn't intended to secure your data against other people using your computer, since it just takes a few clicks to switch between users." clarified Google in their official Google Chrome blog.