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Facebook Rejects Ceglia's Claim of Ownership, Provides Proof of Fraud

Facebook's attorneys plan to request that the judge dismiss a New Yorker's lawsuit that claims he is entitled to half ownership of Facebook, which is valued at an estimated $50 billion.

The request will be made in the next month along with evidence of a possible "shakedown" by the man.

Facebook is also ready to produce forensic proof to be used as prime evidence in this case. The social networking site has evidence that the alleged 8 year-old contract upon which the case is based is just 2 years old. Thus, the contract of ownership has been fraudulently manufactured.

On Tuesday, in a federal court in Buffalo, attorney Orin Snyder stated the 2003 contract upon which Paul Ceglia's claim is based is not authentic as experts have discovered the ink used in the contract is no more than two years old.

"Since Day One, this case has been about pressuring us into writing a check, and from Day One, we've said that's not going to happen," said Snyder, as reported by Buffalo News.

The crux of the lawsuit is that Facebook's co-founder Mark Zuckerberg signed a contract in 2003 which gives 50 percent of the social network's interest to the plaintiff, Paul Ceglia.