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Google 10p App Sale Continues, New Games & Apps Added

Day 8 of the 10 day Android Market celebration has arrived with a new set of premium apps which are available for 10 cents. The new set of apps being offered on the Android Market includes several games, music and customisation apps.

The apps being offered for 10 cents include Where's My Water?, HD Widgets, All By Myself - Little Critter, FlightTrack, Instant Heart Rate - Pro, SlideIT Keyboard, Train Conductor 2: USA, Shazam Encore, SketchBook Mobile, Flick Golf!, Christmas HD, and Color & Draw for kids HD.

Android Market achieved the 10 billion downloads mark in record time, with users now downloaded 1 billion apps every month.

The 10 day celebration may help induce some form of happiness among Android users who are otherwise being bombarded with reports of rampant malware infestation on the platform. While the Android Market itself provides a certain level of security, third party Android app stores are a breeding ground for malicious content.

Google's rivals are trying to make the most of Android plight. Microsoft, for instance, started a new Twitter campaign in which it is offering free Windows Phone to people with the most horrifying experience of Android malware.