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Google Blocks First-Person Shooter Game

Google has blocked a first person shooter game created by modifying its Street View mapping service.

The game, "Google Shoot View'", developed by Dutch online marketing firm Pool Online, was created to promote its advertisement services.

Google Shoot View features Google's Street View as its environment; users are equipped with a M4A1 rifle. There is no clear objective or scoring system - users are required to simply shoot at buildings and people photographed by Google.

Even when users are going crazy with the rifle no bullet marks appear on the buildings or on the static people walking by, uncharacteristic of any modern first-person shooter.

Users nonetheless are free to roam around virtually anywhere in the world where Street View has a presence. But they can also do that in a less frightening way by simply using the original application.

According to an article on Business Insider, Google has revoked the company's right to use the Street View API.

"We received an email that apparently it was infringing on their terms of use, so we put the rest of the site down," said Erwin Kleinjan, Pool Online's creative director.