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Google Donates $11.53 Million to Fight Slavery Around the World

Google has decided to donate $11.53 million to various organisations that are fighting to bring an end to the slavery of around 27 million individuals all around the globe.

With this massive amount, the search engine giant is believed have become the biggest-ever corporate contributor for the fight against modern-day slavery.

The fund will be utilised to intervene and rescue people being held, enforced to work or provide sexual services against their will. On Wednesday, Google declared this donation is part of its $US40 million year-end charitable donations. Throughout 2011, Google donated $US100 million to various causes.

Funds will be distributed among anti-slavery organisations like the Polaris Project and International Justice Mission Slavery Footprint, reports the Herald Sun.

"This is the largest corporate step up to the challenge that is beginning to apply direct resources to the fight against slavery," according to the chief of International Justice Mission, Gary Haugen.

Of almost 27 million people who are enslaved worldwide, the donation made by Google can rescue almost 12,000 people and prevent millions from being victimised, according to experts.