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Google Street View Explores, Digitises Japan Tsunami

Google has decided to give its users a tour of the power of nature by digitally archiving the northeastern locations of Japan, which were the prime targets of the devastating tsunami and a massive earthquake in the month of March this year.

This Google's Street View project basically focuses on the damages that was caused by nature and also efforts of rebuilding and it gives an accurate picture of every aspect of the natural disaster, reported Daily Mail.

In the month of July the search engine giant declared that they were working towards mapping 44,000 km affected roads after the 11th March earthquake leading to tsunami. Senior product manager of Street View, Kei Kawai, on Monday, announced that the company has fulfilled their promise.

Kawai stated that, "The 360-degree panoramic imagery of those areas is now available through the Street View feature in Google Maps."

The images are easily accessible through Google's Street View as well as Google's "Memories for the Future" website. With this initiative Google is hoping that scientists and researchers who are studying the effects of nature to understand it better will receive great help and information.