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Humble Indie Bundle 4 Goes Live, Brings Super Meat Boy And Six More Games

Humble Bundle, an organisation which specialises in pay-what-you-want gaming bundles from independent developers with charities receiving a cut of the proceeds, has announced the Humble Indie Bundle 4.

A package of seven cross-platform games, the latest Humble Bundle includes Super Meat Boy, Shank, Jamestown, Bit.Trip Runner and NightSky. Those who pay more than the average, thanks to the entirely customisable pay system, also receive Gratuitous Space Battles and Cave Story+.

As with previous Humble Bundles, the games - which would normally sell for $100 bought separately - work on Mac, Linux and Windows and come with no Digital Rights Management (DRM) or restrictions on how many computers they can be installed on.

The Humble Bundle works in a unique way: those opting to buy the package choose exactly how much to pay, and where the money goes. The default split sees the money divided up between the games' developers, the Humble Bundle company itself, and a pair of charities.

While previous Humble Bundle sales have seen the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play picked as the charities, there's a change this time around: Child's Play is still present, but the EFF has been dropped in favour of the American Red Cross following a close vote by those involved in the latest bundle.

Full bundle details are available over on the official site. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.