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Malware Infection Shuts Down Georgia Hospital

A hospital near Atlanta, Georgia was forced to close its doors to all but the most serious cases following a malware infection on its internal network, it has been revealed.

Gwinnett Medical Centre in Lawrenceville, Georgia was left turning ambulances away as a malware infection prevented computer-based systems from operating correctly, but officials claim that patient information was never at risk.

Speaking to WSBT, hospital spokesperson Beth Okun confirmed that the malware infection was real. "We've had a virus interrupt our system within our hospital. It's not affecting patient care in any way, shape or form."

While full details of the incident - including the exact nature of the infection - are not being disclosed by the hospital, security experts have expressed deep concern.

"Most of what happened at Gwinnett is speculation on my part, but I doubt it will be the last time we hear a story like this," explains Sophos' Chester Wisniewski. "Like SCADA systems, medical devices are designed to work in a very specific state and are extremely expensive.

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