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Microsoft Co-Founder Designing Cargo Planes for Space Travel

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen will be partnering with Burt Rutan to create the world's biggest airplane - to launch rockets and cargo into space.

There is nothing new in using airplanes to launch objects into space but the shear massiveness of the project seeks to revolutionise United States space ambitions.

The project, called Statolaunch Systems, will focus on building a huge plane, equipped with a carrier aircraft, a booster rocket and an integration system to help the plane and the booster rocket work in sync, CNN reports.

The plane, developed by Rutan's Scaled Composites, will have a wing span equivalent to the size of a football field. Initially, the aircraft would be used to launch rockets and cargo into space, and someday, a manned aircraft.

"When I was growing up, America's space program was the symbol of aspiration. For me, the fascination with space never ended. I never stopped dreaming what might be possible," said Allen in a statement.

"It's also the ultimate adventure. We all grew up devouring science fiction and watching Mercury and Gemini, Apollo and the space shuttle. And now we are able to be involved in moving things to the next level," he said.