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Microsoft Tags Supports QR Codes and NFC Technology

Eighteen months ago, Microsoft launched Microsoft Tag, a barcode feature that can be scanned with any mobile device. The digital information provides all the details of the a particular device.

Officially, the Microsoft Tag feature was introduced in January 2009; the beta version was launched in May 2010.

Besides reading barcodes Microsoft Tag also enables brands and individuals to make their own customised barcode tags and provides a mobile app allowing users "to scan the tags."

Today, in its most recent announcement, the software giant declared that the feature will start supporting QR codes along with Near Field Communications (NFC) capacities.

At present, QR codes happens to be one of the most popular 2D barcodes; NFC is comparatively a new and not as commonly used. NFC is mostly used for paying through smartphones, reports the Seattle Times.

According to a company statement, roughly 200,000 accounts have been created for Microsoft Tags, most of them are of businesses and other retail enterprises.