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Noon News: Apple Firmware Update for Noisy Fans, Google Mulls Siri Competitor, Apple Founding Contract

Apple has issued a firmware update for the professional grade Thunderbolt display. The update will be addressing the power handling issue that caused loud fan noise from within the display. Besides, the update will also provide further stability to the Thunderbolt display.

Google is working to expand the existing 'voice actions' functionality of its Android mobile platform into something that can compete on a level playing field with Apple's Siri, working on a new project rumoured to be named 'Majel.'

Apple's founding contract, signed by the late Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne has sold for almost $1.6 million at an auction held by Sotheby's. The contract was purchased by Eduardo Cisneros, chief executive of Cisneros Corporation, which owns stakes in real-estate and media companies.

Nokia Siemens Networks has announced that it is to cease taking on new business in Iran and gradually reduce its existing commitments, blaming toughening global sanctions against the nation in a letter to staff.

Google has decided to give its users a tour of the power of nature by digitally archiving the northeastern locations of Japan, which were the prime targets of the devastating tsunami and a massive earthquake in the month of March this year.