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Novell's Suit Against Microsoft Set for Jury Trial

The anti-trust lawsuit filed by Novell against Microsoft is set to appear before a jury which will decide its fate.

Novell had slammed a $1 billion lawsuit against Microsoft, alleging the software giant used anti-trust practices to push its own Office software suite over Novell's WordPerfect platform.

U.S. District Judge Frederick Motz ruled that the case would appear before a 12-member jury on Wednesday morning.

Novell alleged that Microsoft first convinced it to develop the WordPerfect software for its Windows 95 operating system but then refused to support the platform in the end, giving leverage to its own Office software suite.

The judge came to his decision after hearing the testimony of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who said that WordPerfect's failure was its own fault. The company said Novell should not have purchased WordPerfect and Quattro Pro. Microsoft also claimed Novell failed to provide proper updates to its platform on Windows 95.

Microsoft claimed that Novell made a series of poor decisions that resulted in WordPerfect to fail to make it big in the market. Novell said in its lawsuit it had incurred damages of around $1 billion because of Microsoft's decision to not to support its software, as reportedby Computerworld.