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NPD: Android Controls 53% Smartphone Market Share, iOS Growing

According to a new study by a market research company NPD Group, Google's Android and Apple's iOS are dominating the US smartphone market and continue to gain bigger market share at the cost of the struggling Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry.

During the period between January to October, market share of Android OS grew to cover more than half of the whole US market with nearly 53 per cent share. During the same period Apple's iOS covered 29 per cent of the marketplace, RIM's share came down to 11 per cent, reported Telecom Paper.

For the record, Research in Motion was topping the NPD's rankings till few years back. The reason behind the decline in market share, it seems, is that the company may have taken few critical decisions during last year that did not work in its favour.

Executive director of connected intelligence for NPD Group, Ross Rubin, stated that the effect of Google's OS and Apple's OS in the market of smartphone market should not be underestimated.

Rubin said, "The competitive landscape for smartphones, which has been reshaped by Apple and Google, has ultimately forced every major handset provider through a major transition." reported Communications, Engineering & Design Magazine.

"For many of them, 2012 will be a critical year in assessing how effective their responses have been", he added