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Rara Goes to US, Streaming Music Service for Technologically Less Abled

UK based music streaming service Rara has arrived in the United States with the goal of bringing online media streaming service for the technologically challenged. is a new player to enter the already crowded US music streaming market with the likes of Slacker, Spotify, Rhapsody and Sony Unlimited.

The company claims that it plans to rope in people who have never used a music streaming service before. Rara plans to offer a more simplified music streaming experience at an affordable cost to enrol the uninitiated, the company said.

"The simple goal behind this service is not to compete with all the existing digital players, but to roll out to all the major territories in the world a digital music service that's designed for the mass market of people who are either not technically literate, or like music but don't know a huge amount about it," chairman Rob Lewis told the BBC.

In order to mark its entry in the US market, the company is offering a three-month special offer, which will see users gaining unlimited access to catalogue of almost 10 million songs for 99 cents per month.

After the three months are up, users will be required to pay $4.99 per month for gaining full access to the service. The service will offer playlists and suggest music to users based on their taste. The company also plans to bring in popular artists to suggest songs for users.