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SkyDrive App for iPhone, iPad released

Microsoft Corp. is on a mission to roll out more and more applications and services for iOS based iPad and iPhone. The most recent is the SkyDrive which is Microsoft Corp. consumer cloud service which was launched yesterday for iPhone and iPad.

SkyDrive for iPhone and iPad will enable users to upload files, documents, images, manage folders and also rename uploaded contents simply from the Apple device. SkyDrive is considered as a competitor of iCloud, just because it supports storage of photos as well as documents.

As a component of Microsoft's Live Essentials bundle, the service is getting updates and in the month of November numerous updates were released for SkyDrive that added PDF support along with HTML 5 upload capacity to the cloud service while in the month of June SkyDrive website received a HTML 5 makeover, reported ZD Net.

The latest update posted confirms that Microsoft is on the path of rolling out a SkyDrive app specifically for Windows Phone, posted in Windows Live blog.

"People are choosing where to put their files based on how portable and accessible they are across the various devices they use; therefore, it's critical that we continue to extend the SkyDrive experience to the devices you use every day," said Microsoft's Mike Torres in a blog post reported TabTimes.