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Slow Internet Speeds Not a Problem for Most UK Internet Users

According to a report by Ofcom, just 4 percent of UK homes are enjoying the benefits of super-fast broadband. What is more interesting is that despite slower speeds, UK net users stay more connected and do more online shopping as compared to their European counterparts.

The report also reveals that Britons are leaders in watching online television and using their mobile phones to access the Internet to play games on their smartphones. However, at the same time, the UK is still in danger of falling behind in the race for next-generation mobile services.

Britons are lucky in that they get great deals on Internet and phone services; only the French enjoy cheaper rates, as reported by the BBC.

"Our research shows that the UK communications market is performing well with prices, the range of services and innovation standing up well against international benchmarks," said Ed Richards, CEO, Ofcom.

He went on to say that all over the world people are taking up e-commerce and social media with lots of enthusiasm.

The sixth International Communications Market report takes a look at the adoption, availability and use of mobiles, landlines, broadband, radio and TV around 17 countries to compare the UK to other nations in Europe and the world.