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Is T-Mobile Vivacity Too Similar To The iPhone 4?

There's no denying that the T-Mobile Vivacity, otherwise known as the ZTE Blade S, looks a lot like the iPhone 4 or 4S. Recombu has done a head to head comparison of the two, and the similarities are, well, quite flagrant.

Given that Samsung has been in hot water and faced the wrath of Apple over much less, we can only hope that both T-Mobile and ZTE have rehearsed their arguments well if ever Apple's lawyers come knocking at the door.

The phones have the same black front and front fascias with a silvery edge, same location for the speaker grill, the headphone jack and the power button. The screen sizes are the same at 3.5 inches, although there are a few differences (microUSB port, location of volume buttons etc).

The camera on the Vivacity is not flush though, but like the iPhone 4, it is a five megapixel model with a single flash.

The Vivacity costs less than £100 compared to £429 for the iPhone 4. Both have single core chipsets clocked at less than 1GHz and 512MB RAM.

The Vivacity can also accommodate microSD cards which means that you can extend the onboard capacity to more than 32GB for under £18.

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