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Today’s Youth Fed Up with iPhone, Android Claims Nokia Exec

A Nokia executive has reportedly claimed that today's youth are "fed up" of the iPhone and definitely baffled with the Android devices and they are going to "deliver services and phones that are different" from the iPhone as well as Android-powered smartphones.

Niels Munksgaard, Nokia Entertainment Global sales director, said, "What we see is that youth are pretty much fed up with iPhones. Everyone has the iPhone," reported Pocket Lint.

Munksgaard further claimed that many users are unhappy with Android due to its complexities and lack of security features.

According to the executive the smartphone marketplace is "extremely crowded" and has referred to it as "the sea of sameness". Besides, due to lack of individuality has created very much confusion among the consumers.

Even if the opinion expressed by Munksgaard is true, that the youth is no more into iPhones or Android, there is no guarantee they will be turning towards Nokia to set a new trend.

Even though Nokia is offering new line of Lumia smartphones, they still need some path breaking designs along with new features and great apps by enticing developers.