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UK Student Accused of Hacking Facebook Servers; Lands on FBI Watchlist

A UK based software development student has admitted to hacking into Facebook's servers, an act which aroused the suspicions of the FBI.

According to an article on the BBC, the Southwark Crown Court heard 26 year old Glenn Mangham's confession for what prosecutors described as a ‘most effective' hacking of social media platforms.

Tom Ventham, the lawyer representing Mangham, claimed his client helped Yahoo discover security holes in its platform and was even rewarded for it. The court heard that he wanted to do the same for Facebook.

Mangham had not counted on being caught hacking into the social media giant's server, however. Facebook discovered the hacking during a routine check.

Mangham, who will be sentenced on February 17th next year, has been accused of downloading his own software on Facebook servers and stealing sensitive intellectual property to work on it later. Facebook itself stated the hacking was not done with the intention of stealing user data.

Interestingly, prosecutor Sandeep Patel mentioned the hacker's antics have become a cause of concern for several US agencies including the FBI.