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AMNews: T-Mobile Vivacity, Facebook vs. Ceglia, Google Wallet, FPS Game Blocked by Google

There's no denying that the T-Mobile Vivacity, otherwise known as the ZTE Blade S, looks a lot like the iPhone 4 or 4S. Recombu has done a head to head comparison of the two and the similarities are, well, quite flagrant. Given that Samsung has been in hot waters and faced the wrath of Apple for much less fuss, we can only hope that both T-Mobile and ZTE have well rehearsed their arguments if ever Apple lawyers come knocking at the doors.

Facebook's attorneys plan to request that the judge dismiss a New Yorker's lawsuit that claims he is entitled to half ownership of Facebook, which is valued at an estimated $50 billion.

Facebook is reportedly planning to enter the mobile advertising market next year. Two people with the knowledge of the company's plans told Business Week that Facebook will be entering the mobile ad market by the end of March 2012.

A group of security researchers has warned that Google's mobile payments platform, Google Wallet, leaves some crucial information unencrypted, making it accessible to anyone with technical know-how.

Google has blocked a first person shooter game created by modifying its Street View mapping service. The game, "Google Shoot View'", developed by Dutch online marketing firm Pool Online, was created to promote its advertisement services.