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Apple Developing High Resolution MacBook Pro Display?

Apple has begun developing a MacBook Pro version of its high resolution retina display, though this one will bump resolutions to an impressive 2880x1800 pixels.

Currently the most common high resolution monitors available in laptops is 1920x1080 pixels, with Apple's top of the line options maxing out at 1680x1050. The new super high-res displays will be available some time in mid 2012 Digitimes reports.

It was initially claimed that Apple would also be upgrading the iPad 3's display to a higher resolution 2048x1536 panel, but rumours circulating now show that it seems likely the fruity firm won't meet this expectation. Now it's thought it'll end up with a middle of the road option, around 1600x1200.

Apple initially introduced the retina display for its iPhone 4 in 2010, upping the resolution from the previous generation's 480 x 360 pixels to a much more impressive 960 x 480. The idea behind this move - and the reason for naming it 'retina display' - was because Steve Jobs said a resolution that high on a screen that size, would be the point where the human eye no longer noticed an increase in pixel count.

It's nice to see some Apple news based around the company improving its products and not simply focusing on suing others for their developments.

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