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Bill Gates Not Coming Back to Microsoft Full-Time

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has made it clear, perhaps for the last time, that he won't be returning to a full-time job with the software giant.

Speaking at an event in Sydney, Gates told the Sydney Morning Herald he was not planning to return as CEO to Microsoft, despite of what the rumour mills are claiming.

Recently, an article on Fortune cited a prominent CEO who claimed Gates, who now focuses on running the Bill and Melinda Gates charitable foundation, was coming to replace Steve Ballmer has CEO of Microsoft, the multi-billion dollar software company he founded, as reported by ZDNet.

"I'm part-time involved with Microsoft, including even being in touch this week to give some of my advice, but that's not going to change," he said during the event.

Gates, who stepped down as the CEO of Microsoft in 2000, has remained chairman and chief software architect. He remains involved with his philanthropic organisation and only serves as an advisor to Microsoft.

Steve Ballmer has been asked to step down by some investors in the past due the Windows Vista debacle and due to the static share price of the company despite the success of Xbox 360, Kinect and Microsoft Office.