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Eurostat Study Reveals Broadband Use Across EU on the Rise

Broadband use in the European Union has gone up in the five years ending in 2011.

According to a broadband report released by European Commissions's statistics arm, Eurostat, in 2011, 68 percent of premises in the 27-nation European Union had access to broadband Internet, up from 30 percent in 2006.

Sweden topped the charts in broadband use with 95 percent of its population having access to broadband. Sweden was closely followed by the Netherlands with 94 percent.

The report, however, also revealed that people in some parts of southern and eastern Europe had no access to the web at all. In fact, the report revealed that around 100 million people out of the 500 million strong EU population have no access to broadband Internet, Reuters reports.

Eurostate revealed that 24 percent of those ages 16 to 74 in the European Union had not accessed the web at all. The poorest broadband penetration was Romania, where 54 percent of its population has never accessed the Internet.

"For many people today it seems difficult to live without the Internet. However, a decreasing, but still non-negligible, part of the EU population has never used it," the report stated.